Developing guide

This guide will provide instructions to install the development environment needed to compile and debug the demo firmware of the PMOD-Sigfox. The development system is built for Windows. The main steps are:

  • Install Codewarrior Special Edition Software
  • Import build & debug the source project

Hardware required:

  • PMOD-Sigfox
  • RSR1066 board
  • FRDM-KL26Z board by Freescale
  • Mini-USB cable
  • PC with Windows

Install Codewarriror

Special Editions are fully functional free download versions of the CodeWarrior Development Studio with code size restrictions on the build chain. Special Editions are pre-licensed, not bound to a single machine and are not time restricted. You do not need to register the tools or ask for a license.

Download the IDE from this page, we used Codewarriror for Microcontrollers v10.6.4.

Next, launch the downloaded file CW_MCU_v10.6.4_Special_Edition.exe following all the default options and selecting Kinetis as platform. Once it is installed will be created its icon on the desktop.


Prepare the Hardware

Here you will see all the messages sent by your device. Now take the FRDM-KL26Z board and connect it to the RSR1066 board. It is required mount the strip connectors:

_images/strips.jpg _images/rsr1066.jpg

Connect the PMOD module to the CN7 then power supply the FRDM board via mini USB connection.


Configure the FRDM-KL26Z with OpenSDA interface

  1. In order to install the lastest firmware go to the webpage OpenSDA Support.
  2. Download and install Windows USB Drivers Download PEDrivers_install.exe from pemicro website. It is required to register in the website.
  3. Then download the lastest Firmware Apps (.zip file).
  4. Finally connect the FRDM-KL26Z board to the PC via mini-USB connector OpenSDA, remove the 1066 board and set the board in Bootloader mode (hold the Reset button down while connecting to USB, then release it). Your board will then be visible as a drive labelled BOOTLOADER. From the Firmware Apps zip copy into the BOOTLOADER disk the file MSD-DEBUG-FRDM-KL26Z_Pemicro_vXXX.SDA (where XX is the lastest version). Now unplag the USB cable.

Import Project

  1. Create a folder named “workspace”
  2. Download the project file form architechboards website and unzip it into the new folder.
  3. Launch Codewarrior and select a folder for the workspace. Our project will be imported in this directory. In this guide we used this path:
  1. Go to File -> Import...
  2. Select General -> Existing Projects into Workspace and click on Next > button.
  1. Select the folder where is locate the project lib_sigfox and select FRDM-KL26Z-UART. Then click on Finish.

Build & Debug

If you want download the firmware in the board without debugging it go to step 5. In order to debug the code you have to change the UART port because PTA1 and PTA2 are used for debug purpose from the OpenSDA.

  1. Now you have to open Process Expert Window double clicking on
  1. In Components - FRDM-KL26Z-UART tab select AS2:Serial_LDD node
  1. In Component Inspector - A2 select RxD PTD6 and TxD PTD7
  1. In order to debug you have to connect PTD6 with CN7 pin3 and PTD7 with CN7 pin2 as in figure. These pin must be disconnected from the board 1066.
  1. Now it’s time to compile the sources code, go to Project -> Build All
  2. Once compiling is finished connect the mini usb from the PC to the FRDM board. Then go to Run -> Debug configurations...
  3. Finally select FRDM-KL26Z-UART_FLASH_OpenSDA and choose the type of connection OpenSDA than click on the Debug button.

Processor Expert

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